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Voices: RaMell Ross

A photograph of a middle-aged person and a younger-aged person are standing in a yard of a mobile home

RaMell Ross

Monday, April 20, 2020
Virtual via Zoom

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Visual artist, filmmaker, and writer RaMell Ross will discuss his work in photography and how it informed his Oscar-nominated film, Hale County This Morning, This Evening.

Quotidian moments and the surrounding southern landscape are given importance, drawing poetic comparisons between historical symbols and the African American banal. Images are woven together to replace narrative arc with visual movements. As Ross crafts an inspired tapestry made up of time, the human soul, history, environmental wonder, sociology, and cosmic phenomena, a new aesthetic framework emerges that offers a new way of seeing and experiencing the heat, and the hearts of people in the Black Belt region of the U.S. as well far beyond.

RaMell Ross is a visual artist, filmmaker and writer based in RI and Al. His work has appeared in places like the NY Times, Aperture, Harper’s Magazine, TIME, Oxford American, and the Walker Arts Center. He has been awarded an Aaron Siskind Foundation Individual Photographer’s Fellowship and a Rhode Island Foundation MacColl Johnson artist fellowship. He recently had a solo exhibition at Aperture Gallery in NY. His feature documentary Hale County This Morning, This Evening won a Special Jury Award for Creative Vision at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, was nominated for an Oscar at the 91st Academy Awards and has screened at Museum of Modern Art, National Gallery of Art, Hammer Museum, Institute of Contemporary Art – London, Museum of Moving Image, and Lincoln Center. RaMell double majored in English and Sociology at Georgetown University and teaches in Brown University’s Visual Art Department. Images from South County, AL (a Hale County) and new work will be displayed in a solo exhibition at the Ogden Museum in late 2020.

This is our final Voices lecture of the semester and will take place via Zoom:

The filmed can be streamed online prior to the talk here:

Password: Halec400

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