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Art & Art History

Voices: Julia Friedman and Tony Wight

Julia Friedman.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Gallery 400 Lecture Room
1240 West Harrison Street

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Julia Friedman has been involved with both for-profit and non-profit art entities for over ten years. In 1998, Friedman initiated an arts management and curatorial venture, working with international artists, museums, and galleries worldwide. This experience built the foundation for Julia Friedman Gallery, which opened in May 2001, and features an extensive cross-section of work by emerging and mid-career artists positioned throughout the United States, Asia, Central and South America, and Europe.

Tony Wight is the Director of Bodybuilder & Sportsman Gallery in Chicago. In 2000, Wight transformed Bodybuilder & Sportsman from a three-year-old artists space into a commercial gallery. Over the last three years, the gallery has garnered considerable attention, with widespread press coverage and participation in important international art fairs, including the upcoming 2004 ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid and The Armory Show in New York.