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Voices: Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

Green foliage with a person barely visible behind the leaves.|A woman with light brown skin and curly brown hair looks into the camera with a small smile.

Still from Binaural

Monday, November 22, 2021
Virtual Via Zoom

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Beatriz Santiago Muñoz will talk about the idea of translation: from text to image, french to kreyol, Puerto Rico to Haiti, land to ocean and from one idea of Caribbean to another.

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz is an artist whose expanded moving image work is entangled with Boalian theater, expanded cinema, and feminist practices. She tends to work with non-actors, and incorporates improvisation into her process. Her recent work is on the sensorial unconscious of anti-colonial movements, with everyday poetic thought and feminist experiments with language and narrative. Recent solo exhibitions include: Oriana in PIVO, Sao Paulo, the 34th Sao Paulo Biennial, the Momenta Biennale in Montreal, and Gosila in Der Tank, Basel; Her work is part of public and private collections such as the Museum of Modern Art, Kadist and Guggenheim, among others. She has received a Creative Capital grant, a USA Fellowship, a Herb Alpert Award in the Arts, and the 2021 Artes Mundi Prize, shared among all 7 nominees.



Voices: Beatriz Santiago Muñoz from Art & Art History at UIC on Vimeo.