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Art & Art History

Requiem for Alvenia

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Gallery 400
400 S. Peoria St.

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As part of the installation FULTONIA: Mycelia, Sojourner Zenobia Wright brings forth embodied memories of Dr. Alvenia Fulton as told to her by relatives and residents of the neighborhood where Alvenia established the second site of her renowned Fasting Institute.

Sojourner Zenobia as Alvenia Fulton reveals a vernacular for healing to bless the space through manifesto recitations, movement divinations, and offerings of life-giving foods to those present. The spatial boundaries of the geodesic dome diagram parallel Alvenia’s ambition to create a system of sites that would address the mental and physical ailments of thousands of people who flocked to her store, avidly listened to her radio show, and consumed her writings in their search of vitality. Requiem for Alvenia is a performance of subtle expression and intense reflection that encourages spectators to consider the depth and breadth of their own networks of self-care. Attendees are welcome to tune in and out of the presentation to enter/exit the gallery and find connections to other installations as part of After Today.

Sojourner Zenobia Wright leads people to investigate the beliefs they hold about the world to reveal illusions and explore manifestations of freedom. Her solo work embraces the passage of time inherent in spaces, places, objects, gestures, sounds, movements, and nature in order to fully become a vessel for whatever transmission is seeking to emerge. As a vessel, she seeks to magnetize people into a vortex of love and awakening that can lead to reflection and wholeness. Her work in classrooms and communities is about reconnecting with self, nature and tribe through the arts.