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Regional Voices: Gaylen Hansen

Gaylen Hansen

Monday, April 14, 1986
Gallery 400 Lecture Room
400 South Peoria Street

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Former Washington State University professor Gaylen Hansen (1921) has lived and worked in the Palouse region for more than thirty years. He was never compelled to record his impressions of the area in landscapes. There is nothing in Hansen’s work so recognizable as Steptoe Butte, or the sinuous curve of a highway through voluptuous rolling hillsides. Neither are there forests, farmhouses, or small-town Main Streets. There are, however, fish, creeks, and dogs. There are also the colors the deep honeyed gold of harvested wheat, the pewter gray of the sky in November, even the dark red of twilight during burning season that will always mean “home” to anyone who has loved the Palouse. And there are knights, cowboys, bison, and horse-sized grasshoppers that initially have nothing to do with the immediate vicinity but have everything to do with the artist’s interior landscape.