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Pixel Art Sprite Making Workshop

A screen-shotted image of a pixelated computer screen.The pixelated image is of a drawing software

Screenshot of Piskel App interface

Saturday, November 17, 2018
Gallery 400
400 S Peoria St
Chicago, IL 60607

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Led by VGA teaching artist Eden Ünlüata-Foley, this workshop gives participants the opportunity to create their own pixel art game sprites. An aesthetic derived from 8-bit and 16-bit computers and video game consoles, pixel art is a form of digital art where images are drawn on the pixel level. The workshop encourages participants to plan their characters on graph paper before transcribing them online to Piskel App, where they can be edited and even animated. No programming experience is required to participate. Presented as part of Chicago New Media 1973-1992, on view at Gallery 400 until December 15, 2018.

Eden Ünlüata-Foley is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and designer based in Chicago. He is currently adjunct faculty at Columbia College Chicago in the Interactive Arts and Media Department. His artwork focuses on the formation of cultural identity and its relationship to place, the sense of belonging, and personal stories.