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Art & Art History

A Visible Order

Wednesday, October 28, 1987–Friday, December 04, 1987
Gallery 400
400 South Peoria Street, Chicago, IL 60607

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Mac Adams, Zeke Berman, Dianne BleIl, Christian Boltanski, Ellen Brooks, Jo Ann Callis, Bruce Charlesworth, Bernard Faucon, Judy Fiskin, Joan Fontcuberta, Stephen Frailey, Jan Groover, Barbara Kasten, Pascal Kern, George Legrady, Robert Levin, Frank Majore, Robert Mapplethorpe, Tim Haul, Sheila Metzner, Allan McCollum and Laurie Simmons, Brian Oglesbee, Victor Schrager, Elliot Schwartz, Andres Serrano, Anne Turyn, Boyd Webb, James Welling, and Neil Winokur

A Visible Order presents a diverse selection of recent photographic still lifes. This highly selective survey, curated by Paul Laster and Renee Riccardo, included some forty photographs made within the past five years (1982-87) by twenty-four artists. Several photographs were new works while others had only rarely been exhibited to the public.

Still life, in its traditional sense, is about the relationship between objects and the relationship of objects to the spaces around them, the objects ’ significance for us and their place in our lives. By looking at things in an objective way or by using them as vehicles for formal or symbolic expression, these artists force the viewer to critically examine the reality and consciousness of our time. Through their pictorial and spatial investigations, these artists expand the definition of still life and the means for representing it. Whether arranged, fabricated or found, the still life images of A Visible Order invite our involvement, while they provoke our thoughts; they become arenas of contemplation beyond the expectations of the genre.