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A Rain of Talent: Umbrella Art

Wednesday, November 07, 1990–Friday, December 07, 1990
Gallery 400
400 South Peoria Street, Chicago, IL 60607

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Luis Cruz Azaceta, Roger Brown, Jeffrey Chapp, Robert Colescott, Houston Conwill, Lisa Englander, Dennis Evans, Richard Francisco, Viola Frey, Dan Friedman, Rodney Alan Greenblat, Richard Haas, Edward Henderson, Robert Kushner, Charmaine Lock, Michael Lucero, Phillip Maberry, Kim MacConnel, Miralda, Jeffry Mitchell, Don Nakamura, Vicki Scuri, Alan Shields, Buster Simpson, Jean Stamsta, Will Stokes Jr., Anita Thatcher, Richard Tuttle, Robert Venturi, Karl Wirsum, Betty Woodman, George Woodman, Claire Zeisler, and Rhonda Zwillinger

A Rain of Talent: Umbrella Art is an exhibition of umbrellas designed by a diverse group of artists, including sculptors, architects, ceramists, painters, and fabric artists. Each participant was given a plain umbrella to use as inspiration, and the resulting exhibit is a collection of various lighthearted and playful interpretations of a seemingly banal object. The exhibition originated at the Fabric Workshop in Philadelphia, and is the work of guest curator Patterson Sims (curator of modern art at the Seattle Art Museum) and the Fabric Workshop ’s founder and artistic director, Marion Stroud.