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Year End Show 2023 winners

Year End Show winners
Congratulations again to everyone with work in the Year End Show! Here’s the full list of award winners:

Jury awards

Adrian D. Smith Architecture Award
Best in Show
Obed Lopez, Three Kitchens on a Stoop

Pella Fellowship Prize
Best graduate project
Donovan Bunn, Museum of Ruin

Pella Fellowship Prize
Best undergraduate project
Yousif Giyo and Meghan Marchio, Everything under the Sun

Alumni Awards

Alumni Choice Award, graduating student
Donovan Bunn, Museum of Ruin

Alumni Choice Award, continuing student
Elijah Daniel Smith, Different Planes

Susan Nealey Scholarship Award
Braeden Daugherty, Fractured Light

Faculty Awards

Louis Solomon Award
Director’s Prize
Luis Gomez and Christian Rueda, Working Landscape

Timothy Bruce Award
Outstanding first-year undergraduate project
Tolu Oluyede, Basic/Extra

Kenneth Schroeder Scholarship Award
Outstanding second-year undergraduate project
Aggilan Ilyasheva and Pablo Lagunas, Fabricated Mirage

Kevin K. Pierce Scholarship Award
Outstanding third-year undergraduate project
Ceema Sheikha, As Far as the Eye Can See

Faculty Fellowship Award
Outstanding fourth-year undergraduate project
To Quynh Pham, It Doesn't Look 3D Printed

Synectics Group, Inc. Award
Outstanding first-year graduate project
Jamia Smith, Dracula's Castle

Swanke, Hayden, Connell, Ltd. Award
Outstanding second-year graduate project
Tim Wood, Put Away House 2.0

Faculty Fellowship Award
Liam Hoy, Big Firehouse