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UIC Alumnus wins 2nd Prize in 2017 Fairy Tales Competition

Congratulations to Terrence Hector (M.Arch '16) who won Second Prize in the 2017 Fair Tales Competition for his project, "City Walkers". Four winners and ten honorable mentions were selected by a jury of more than 20 leading architects, designers and storytellers, including Marion Weiss, Michel Rojkind, Jing Liu, Dan Wood and John Maeda, among others. The annual international competition is held by Blank Space, a think tank dedicated to the production and dissemination of architectural ideas through storytelling, narrative, and other traditionally non-architectural media. 

From Hector's narrative:
"The Walkers, while they were certainly alive, existed at a tempo so much longer and slower than the human lifespan that they functioned as landscape and urban architecture as well as domesticated animal. It is believed that the first human settlers in what is now the City mistook them for geological features or monstrous abandoned termite nests upon their discovery. They dwarfed even the tallest trees, and as far as the early City-dwellers were concerned, theses creatures might as well have been part of the landscape. They were incomprehensibly slow, taking a step once every lunar cycle. Settlements grew beneath, and then around and behind the paths of individual beings in the herd."