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The College welcomes a new Dean

Steve Everett
The College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts is thrilled to announce that Steve Everett is our new Dean. Prior to joining UIC, Dean Everett was professor of music and assistant provost for academic affairs at Emory University. The Dean is a composer and conductor whose research and teaching interests include electronic music, cross-cultural influences in music, and the philosophy of technology in art. "Steve is a uniquely talented artist and administrator. His enthusiasm for and synchrony with the engaged mission of the campus and college is intrinsic, and will enhance the activities of both," said Lon Kaufman, UIC provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs. "He represents a wonderful addition to our leadership team, and we are proud to have him join the UIC family." Everett says he was drawn to UIC for opportunities in cross-disciplinary research. "You don't find many places with these four schools under one academic unit. Much of my life has been working with multimedia -- experimental music, dance, theatre, and opera. I think of the arts as a broad means of human expression, how we create physical, visual and aural spaces and relate to them to create community," Everett said. "The university is set up with all the requisite ingredients to be one of the top schools in the country for urban interdisciplinary research, and it's embedded in one of the most interesting cities in the world." Recent compositions by Dean Everett can be heard at