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Reeder, Gaspar, and Delgado named 2021 USA Fellows

UIC’s College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts is proud to announce that Director of the School of Art and Art History Jennifer Reeder and alumnae Maria Gaspar and Sandra Delgado have been named 2021 USA Fellows.

The USA Fellowships are $50,000 unrestricted awards that recognize American artists practicing today—storytellers, shape-makers, movement builders, and culture bearers—for their contributions to the field. The 2021 USA Fellows were chosen for their bold artistic vision and significant impact. Each artist demonstrates generosity and care toward field-building that continues to inspire and propel their discipline.

Recent USA Fellows from UIC include School of Architecture Assistant Professor Thomas Kelley (and partner Carrie Norman) in 2018 and Clinical Professor Andrew Zago in 2008; and School of Art and Art History Associate Professor Laurie Jo Reynolds in 2016 and Professor Deborah Stratman in 2015.