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Paul Preissner publishes Kind of Boring

Paul Preissner

Associate Professor Paul Preissner has published a book on his practice’s work, Kind of Boring: Canonical Work and Other Visible Things Meant to Be Viewed as Architecture (Actar, 2021). 

From the publisher’s description:

In Kind of Boring, Paul Preissner rejects the idea that architecture should demand anything from its audience. The “boring and dumb” architecture documented in this book leaves us alone....Kind of Boring looks at the origin of architectural ideas behind a work and the theoretical and practical consequences resulting from an architecture that prioritizes class politics through experimentation with formal practice. The book presents an alternative to contemporary architecture through a kind of work which embraces normalcy, and weird deviations from such, making a kind of architecture which explores basic form, anonymous history, and the effects of indifference and inattention to make the normal weird.

The book includes contributions by Visiting Assistant Professor Jayne Kelley and UIC Professor of English Walter Benn Michaels. For more information, visit Actar’s website.