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Paul Preissner featured in Low-resolution Houses exhibition, symposium

Associate Professor Paul Preissner’s Liz and Morris House is featured in 44 Low-resolution Houses, an exhibition on view at the Princeton University School of Architecture from September 11 to November 9, 2018.

Preissner will also present his work during Low-resolution Houses, a exhibition-closing symposium, on Friday, November 9.

The exhibition is curated by Michael Meredith of MOS and presents houses defined as “low resolution” in one of three ways: “first, houses that vaguely resemble houses, using familiar elements like pitched roofs, etc.; second, houses that appear to be constructed, in that one can see the construction, joints, and materials (there is a sort of cheap, unfinished quality to the work); and third, houses that are composed of basic geometric primitives-squares, circles, triangles-arranged in a non-compositional or abstract manner.”

For more information, visit the Princeton University School of Architecture website.