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Design With Company contributes Stone Wall Stand In to Concéntrico festival

Stone Wall Stand In, an installation by Associate Professor and Associate Dean Stewart Hicks and Adjunct Associate Professor Allison Newmeyer, was on display from April 27 to May 2 as part of the Concéntrico Festival in Logroño, Spain.

From the Concéntrico website

The Stone Wall Stand In is an active billboard, of sorts, that re-represents and reframes the city of Logroño. Like a 1:1 paper cut-out souvenir, the giant drawing vivifies the history and materiality of the Plaza de Revellín. It features a thin leaning wall engraved with the outlines of the stones set within the thick ancient medieval wall behind it in order to unveil a new realm in the city. Slip behind the drawing to discover places to hide, explore, or just to lounge and chat with others. Old and new collide with the real and representational to generate sites of playful opportunities for engagement and a unique perspective on the historic surroundings.

The installation was part of Concéntrico, an annual festival that proposes reflections on the urban environment and the city. The ninth edition of Concentrico extended to new areas of the city from the Plaza sin Nombre in the neighborhood of Madre de Dios to the Cubo and from the river Ebro to the new station park. For more information visit the Concéntrico website