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CADA School directors & faculty participate in UIC Obama Library Proposal

UIC Obama Library Proposal
Last fall, UIC Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares appointed an exploratory committee to facilitate UIC’s bid for the Obama Presidential Library. Serving in the leadership of the Chancellor's Obama Library Committees are Bob Somol, Director of the School of Architecture and Co-Chair of the Architecture/Site Committee; Lisa Yun Lee, Director of the School of Art and Art History and Co-Chair of the Library/Museum Committee; and Marcia Lausen, Director of the School of Design and Co-Chair of the Proposal Committee. The Architecture team additionally included College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts faculty members Grant Gibson and Andrew Modrell and alumni Brandon Biederman and Ryan Hernandez. In the School of Design, Meghan Ferrill served as the lead writer, Trysh Wahlig coordinated activities for Presidential Library Summit, and alumni from both Industrial Design and Graphic Design participated in the research and development of the proposal.
On June 16 the University, and our community partner North Lawndale, submitted a response to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from the Barack Obama Foundation. The Foundation expects to select a site in early 2015. The proposal is available for download: