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Bittertang exhibition opening at Lawrence Tech

Faculty member Antonio Torres and his partner Michael Loverich of Bittertang led this year's Critical Practice Studio at the Lawrence Technical University College of Architecture and Design in Detroit. Focused on intensive research and fabrication, the four-week workshop culminates with a public review and the opening reception of Off-Gassing on Saturday, July 16.

From the organizers: "An exploration of large scale sensual atmospheres and environments where bodies, spaces, furniture and plants all contribute to new primal worlds... The explorations capitalize on various ways in which the body engages with its surroundings and pushes to the extreme of how it fits into the world, forcing the bodily and the constructed world to interact in much more dirty, messy and sensual ways. The projects work through inflatables and engage with oversized turgid and bodily forms. Eight teams have been asked to be simultaneously technical and sensual to create engineering marvels and fantasy experiences."

6545 St. Antoine, Detroit, MI, 10AM - 6PM