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Abarbanel at the World Congress of IATC

Adjunct Instructor Jonathan Abarbanel will be one of two United States delegates to the 37th World Congress of the International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC), meeting in Beijing, China on October 15–20. Abarbanel will be a delegate in his capacity as chair of the American Theatre Critics Association. At the Congress, he will deliver a paper exploring the impact of the internet on theatre criticism, the Congress theme. The IATC is a global cultural NGO organized under UNESCO statutes. A World Congress is held every two years. Abarbanel previously has attended IATC World meetings in East Berlin (1987), Lisbon (1991), Sofia (2008), and Warsaw (2012). Abarbanel will travel in Western China (Yunnan Province) for ten days after the World Congress, returning to Chicago and UIC November 3.