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Study Abroad

CADA units and the University of Illinois at Chicago offer a variety of approved special programs and study abroad opportunities. These programs are intended to give students a unique opportunity to enroll in programs that will give a distinct educational perspective in specific areas and experience a different culture in a context other than those offered at UIC.

Students interested in study abroad should meet with their academic advisors for information regarding major specific programs offered through the school or department.

The College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts has entered into a number of agreements with universities abroad that provide programs of study that coincide with our majors. For information regarding these study abroad opportunities, visit the Office of International Affairs web site at:

International Affairs

The Study Abroad Office works with academic consortia and other US universities to provide study abroad programming for UIC students. For information regarding the broad range of opportunities offered, visit the Study Abroad web site at

College approval is required of all students participating in a study abroad program. Upon selection of a program, students should meet with their academic advisor in the College Student Affairs Office located in 208 Jefferson Hall for final approval.

Art study abroad opportunities:

Theatre study abroad opportunities:

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