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Graduation Procedures

  1. Schedule a Final Credit Check
    Students who are within two terms of graduating should schedule a final credit check by contacting your academic advisor. The student’s academic record will be evaluated to determine his/her status in meeting all university, college, and degree requirements.
  2. File an Intent to Graduate Form via Student Self-Service
    Submission deadline is Friday of the third week of the fall and spring semesters, Friday of the second week in summer.
  3. Students cannot be cleared for graduation until they have filed their declaration and have had their academic records reviewed for progress in completing degree requirements.

Graduation with Honors

The UIC Senate and the University of Illinois Board of Trustees establish the criteria under which students are awarded department, college, and University honors. Campus standards for college and department honors are described below. Currently, applicable standards appear in the appropriate college and department sections of this catalog.

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